Whether Boston is a world class city or not has been coming up in the context of attempts to allow some of the bars in the city to stay open after 2:00 am. Supporters of the measure argue that it will make us look less provincial to the commercial travelers we hope to attract, although the greatest enthusiasm for the change comes from Boston's sizeable student population. Globe columnist Joan Vennochi nailed this one when she wrote: "Boston's preoccupation with rating itself against the rest of the world is perfectly in character for a city filled with people who remember their SAT scores and are more than happy to fill you in on the good news."

$300,000 for a condo is not unusual in Boston's overheated housing market. See the October 16, 1999 cartoon for further comment.

Trent Lott called Boston worse than D.C. when asked to comment on Boston reporter Andy Hiller's interview with George W. Bush, in which Bush was unable to identify the leaders of India, Pakistan, or Chechnya. Lott dismissed the interview as a typical Washington D.C. media ambush. When told the interviewer was from Boston, not D.C., he made a comment sort of like the one shown here, except that he didn't deign to dis Cambridge.

The Massachusetts Lottery plans to introduce a $10 scratch ticket in the near future.

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