The radio station WBCN ("alternative rock") sponsored the Boston area's first summer mega-concert on May 27 at Foxboro Stadium, called the River Rave. The people in charge of the large screen projection turned their cameras on the crowd and the resulting images of partying concertgoers were put on the big screen, superimposed with captions urging the young women depicted to uncover their breasts.

Sad to say, in today's culture this would hardly be remarkable except that, years ago, WBCN was really seen as the alternative: they spoke to, and tried to speak for, the so-called counter culture. They had Danny Schechter, News Dissector, doing really incisive and tough public affairs programming, and while much of the music was second-rate, their playlists did include the best music of the hippy era. I am one of the few that remembers!

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