This one never got printed. The Globe has a computerized system for getting editorial content from their external FTP server to their internal op-ed page content server. This system is so brilliant that nobody understands it, so when this cartoon somehow fell through the cracks there was nothing we could do about it.

The Project Bread/Mass General study referred to here actually found that students do better if the school feeds them, without any income test -- that is, if schools have breakfast programs for poor people, lots of people don't use them because of the stigma attached, but if the programs are open to all they get used more, and consequently low-income kids' grades improve.

Two fatal fires in the Boston area were started by space heaters in the cold week before this was drawn.

Re Lieutenant Governor Jane Swift, at a November 2 fundraising event she got $8000 from NStar (the new name for the statewide utility company), along with substantial contributions from several NStar contractors, PR people, and lobbyists. On November 16 NStar got state approval for a controversial rate hike.

At the same event Pacific Gas & Electric made a hefty contribution to Swift, a few days after receiving a favorable ruling on easing emission controls at two of their Massachusetts plants.

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