These are real people, although I had no photo of the person on the left and had to guess what he might look like. This is a kid who was annoyed about being transferred to a new school and was planning to burn the new school down when he got busted. The figure with the knife was a substitute teacher who was infuriated by rowdy behavior in his special ed class and threatened some boys after school got out. The parent with the lawyers was annoyed that his daughter was denied admittance to Boston Latin School due to racial preferences, so he successfully sued the Boston School Committee to have the diversity plan overturned. Boston was planning an appeal but was persuaded to drop it by civil rights groups, who feared that a nationwide setback for desegregation might result. Now a group of conservative white parents is suing the city to overturn the original court order that desegregated Boston schools in the 1970s.

A little more info about the subsitute teacher: this story came to light because one of the threatened students went to the principal and the substitute was arrested, whereupon it was found that he was already in trouble with the law for writing bad checks. (The state DOE says he slipped through a criminal records check because he used an alias, but somebody in the Somerville School Department also admitted that schools are not very choosy about substitutes these days, due to labor scarcity.)

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