The Pritzker family of Chicago, owners of the Hyatt Hotel chain, own much of Fan Pier in South Boston, a prime piece of real estate between the new federal courthouse and the new convention center. With the blessing of Mayor Tom Menino and the Boston Redevelopment Authority, they would like to develop this land with high-rise offices, condos, and hotels (see cartoon from April 1, 2000). To put up such tall towers on landfill at the water's edge they need permission from the State Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. This cartoon was prompted by Nicholas Pritzker's threat to withdraw from the project if he doesn't get that permission by November 15.

The same week, the FAA "raised questions" about the danger of such tall buildings getting struck by aircraft taking off from Logan Airport, which is directly across the harbor from Fan Pier.

Subsequent to the appearance of this cartoon the Pritzkers withdrew their ultimatum, and the Secretary of the Environmental Affairs Office, Robert Durand, told the Pritzkers they would have to give up one skyscraper and take several stories off the others before he would approve the project.

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