I colored this one for the web because there's a new color printer here and I wanted to try it out. Also it's hard to picture Peter Pan in black and white.

Governor Paul Cellucci vetoed state funds for Boston's summer jobs program, endangering jobs in daycare, recreation, social services, etc. for 3000 Boston kids this summer. Cellucci's Administration and Finance Director, Stephen Crosby, deemed the jobs program "a complete misuse of public money" and suggested the laid-off kids find jobs in the private sector. There has been some speculation that Cellucci assumed there would be an override of this particular veto, and only did it as a sop to his anti-spending constituents, but there was no override attempted. Mayor Tom Menino was able to save the jobs by shuffling the budget and delaying several major city programs, upon which the Cellucci crowd claimed vindication for their position that the cuts wouldn't hurt anybody.

"Tender-hearter conservatism" is a reference to the fact that Cellucci has been a staunch supporter of George W. Bush's presidential campaign, and is said to be angling for a cabinet post.

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