Boston Mayor Tom Menino threw his support behind the community in the controversy over whether Boston's Logan International Airport should expand by adding a runway. A few days after Menino took this stand, one columnist berated Menino for defying the business interests behind the proposed runway, on the grounds that it is (according to this columnist) these very business interests who are entirely responsible for Menino's success in politics! After stewing over this demented logic for a moment, I realized it probably represents the way most politicians -- let alone most pundits -- think about the proper workings of democracy. Thus this cartoon.

For another take on this dispute, see my March 14, 1999 cartoon.

This was my last cartoon for City Weekly. The New York Times, which owns the Boston Globe, saw fit to slash City Weekly's budget, forcing my editor to trim one of her cartoonists, and the trimmee was me. Subsequent Globe cartoons (June 12, 1999 and later) have been done for the "Quotes of Note"column on the Saturday Globe op ed page.

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