The "tuning fork bridge" is the much-ballyhooed bridge rising on the banks of the Charles River which will carry Boston traffic north and west. It's a suspension bridge but from two points rather than the usual four. The cables will evoke Boston's seafaring past and the obelisk towers will evoke the Bunker Hill monument, or so we are told.

MCAS is the standardized test that the conservative Department of Education leadership has introduced in recent years, presumably to discredit the public school system in order to build public support for their agenda of charter schools and vouchers. To give MCAS "teeth" the state DOE has proposed tying the salaries of teachers, principals, and superintendents to score improvements. For more on MCAS see cartoons from January 24, 1999, March 7, 1999, and June 12, 1999.

Natalie Jacobson and Chet Curtis are the popular married newscasters on Channel 5, Boston. A couple of weeks ago they announced they were getting a divorce.

If you're counting, you may wonder why the date of this cartoon is not 14 days later than the previous one, since they usually appear every other Saturday. It's because this particular Saturday was Christmas and the Globe op ed page had a huge Christmas poem written and illustrated by the great Dorothy Ahle, so my 'toon was run on the following Monday.

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