This cartoon is not actually about "unclaimed legacies" or "heir finders," but these terms refer to a currently breaking scandal in the Massachusetts Treasury Department: a professional "heir finder" with a confederate inside the Treasury was able to pass himself off as a defunct nonprofit corporation that had been left several million dollars. (The existence of freelance heir finders is the result of the privatization of several Treasury functions during the regime of former Treasury Secretary Joe Malone.)

As for the three packages: "systemic racism" was a charge laid at the door of the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) in a report recently issued by HUD, in response to charges that black tenants in predominantly white Boston housing projects were not being protected from harassment. Massport (the Massachusetts port authority) wants to build a new runway at Logan Airport, and they promise that this will not result in an overall increase in noise levels for the airport's neighboring communities but nobody believes them. DSS (the Massachusetts Department of Social Services) has recently been embarrassed by the exposure of several homes where children and elders lived in extremely squalid conditions but received no help from the criminally underfunded and understaffed agency.

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