I finally got to do a cartoon on national politics (at least partly) because the candidates had their first debate in Boston. Terry Murray, Robert Rubin, and Paul Cellucci were really in the audience (as you probably know, Ralph Nader was turned away at the door). When Murray's Fleet Bank bought BankBoston in the spring (see cartoons from April 15, 2000 and March 28, 1999), they retired the name "BankBoston" in the U.S. but they continue to do a lot of business in Brazil and Argentina under that name. Robert Rubin left his post as Secretary of the Treasury to be second in command at Citigroup, formed by a merger of Citicorp and Travelers which would have been illegal before the Financial Modernization Act. (For more of the skinny on Citigroup, see the Mendocino Community Network's "Citibank-Citigroup Home Page.") Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci, buffetted by scandals and veto overrides, reportedly hopes for a Washington DC appointment if George W. Bush wins the election.

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