This cartoon combines two stories:

A spectacular cable stay bridge (last depicted in this series a year ago) is being constructed as part of the Big Dig, to join the new underground Central Artery with I-93 North out of Boston. Governor Paul Cellucci had planned to name it the Freedom Bridge. At the urging of several Boston clergy, he decided to name it the Leonard P. Zakim Freedom Bridge, in honor of the unifying activities of the recently deceased head of the Boston Anti-Defamation League. Residents of Boston's Charlestown neighborhood, where the northeast tower supporting the bridge is located, were offended by this ("people here don't care much for Jews" one townie told a reporter), and wanted it called the Bunker Hill Freedom Bridge instead. Now it appears that it will be called the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge.

The Boston City Council just elected a new president. James Kelly, the City Councilor from South Boston who came out of the anti-busing movement of the '70s, had been elected President for several terms in a row but lost support this year due to revelations about the "memorandum of understanding" negotiated a while by him, the Mayor, and South Boston's State Rep (see cartoons from June 17, 2000 and August 26, 2000). Kelly saw that he didn't have the votes to beat Brian Honan, the candidate of the "liberal" bloc on the Council, a group of councilors mostly from more affluent neighborhoods. In order to keep Honan out, Kelly threw his bloc's support to a maverick, his long-time foe Charles Yancey of Mattapan who came out of the desegregation movement. With the support of the only other black city councilor, Chuck Turner of Roxbury, Yancey won.

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