In the left-hand panel, the guy with "XXL" on his shirt is lobbyist Sandy Tennant, and the guy with the Adidas shirt is former Massport Director Peter Blute. Tennant and Blute took some young women and cronies for a boat cruise in Boston Harbor at Massport's expense, got drunk, were met at the dock by Boston Herald reporters, and lied about who paid for the cruise. The next day Blute was fired by Governor Paul Cellucci.

Tennant's "guy" in East Boston is Arthur Gill, who would like to be the one to put a hotel on the rundown waterfront property that I drew in my November 29, 1998 cartoon.

The "professionals" in the right-hand panel are based on the shrewd leaders of Massachusetts' major utility companies, which were recently given permission to merge. The enabling legislation for the merger also allowed them to raise their rates to cover the "costs" of merging. The utility commission that re-wrote the rules on utility consolidation is dominated by Cellucci's people, and Cellucci's gubernatorial campaign was heavily financed by the utility companies. When I described this situation to the actress Peggy Shaw she said, "Ah, 'nineties logic."

Thomas Reilly, the state's Democratic Attorney General, has filed suit to block the rate change.

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