Massport, the semi-public agency that operates Boston's Logan Airport, wants to break the 25 year injunction against airport expansion and build a new runway ("Runway 14/32"). Much of the pressure for expansion comes from the burgeoning high tech industry situated on Boston's two circumferential highways, 128 and I-495. Critics of airport expansion point out that the push to expand Logan rather than build a second, regional airport (say, an airport near 128 or I-495) is guided by the fact that urban neighborhoods have less political clout than suburban communities.

The sketch below, showing the Logan Airport parking garage in the foreground with the Jeffreys Point neighborhood of East Boston directly behind it, was the basis for my depiction of Boston in this cartoon. The sketch actually does a better job than the cartoon of dramatizing the problem, namely that Logan is closer to downtown than almost any other major airport. This proximity ought to impose a limit on how much Logan can expand, but Massport has been unwilling to say when, if not now, they think that limit might be reached.

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