Cover for my brother's 1994 CD, "Stranger Things Have Happened." You can order Peter's independent recording projects, including the above, from Peter's merchandise site, which offers some sound clips.

Cover for Dick Lourie's CD of blues and poetry, "Ghost Radio Blues," which appeared in 2000. Dick plays sax in the band I'm in, 6 of 1, and moonlights as an unresconstructed beatnik poet. "Ghost Radio Blues" includes the poem "Forgiving Our Fathers," that was featured in the film "Smoke Signals":

maybe in a dream: he's in your power
you twist his arm but you're not sure it was
he that stole your money you feel calmer
and you decide to let him go free

or he's the one (as in a dream of mine)
I must pull from the water but I never
knew it or wouldn't have done it until
I saw the street-theater play so close up
I was moved to actions I'd never before taken

maybe for leaving us too often or
forever when we were little maybe
for scaring us with unexpected rage
or making us nervous because there seemed
never to be any rage there at all

for marrying or not marrying our mothers
for divorcing or not divorcing our mothers
and shall we forgive them for their excesses
of warmth or coldness shall we forgive them

for pushing or leaning for shutting doors
for speaking only through layers of cloth
or never speaking or never being silent

in our age or in theirs or in their deaths
saying it to them or not saying it-
if we forgive our fathers what is left

"Ghost Radio Blues" CD (and the book Ghost Radio that most of the poems are from) can be ordered from Hanging Loose Press, 231 Wyckoff Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217, for $15 a copy ($12 for the book) plus $2.50 postage and handling.

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